Halva with Pistachio

Little Caria Halva with Pistachios is made with premium Mediterranean ingredients according to our traditional family recipe. As a result, our refined pistachio halva has the creamiest white sesame flavor with just a hint of vanilla, and a soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture. Fresh, vibrant pistachio nuts add crunch and a naturally sweet flavor to every bite. Sharing a slice of fresh halva with friends and family is the best way to end a delicious Mediterranean meal. The added heartiness of pistachio makes our halva a unique and always crowd-pleasing dessert.

• A healthy and nutty Mediterranean treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without a sugar overload.

• Our authentic Turkish halva is a pistachio-studded, sesame-based treat beloved by all ages. It has a nutty, creamy flavor and a soft, sliceable-texture with crunch from premium pistachio nuts in every slice.

• Little Caria Halva is produced on our family-owned farm in Isparta, Turkey (known as the rose garden of the world), where the fertile valleys produce some of the highest-quality food in the Mediterranean.

4×2.5 oz (4x70g)  |  6.3 oz (180g)  |  15.2 oz (430g)

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