Halva with Plain

Little Caria Halva is carefully crafted according to our traditional family recipe. As a result, our refined halva has the deepest white sesame flavor with just a hint of vanilla, and the most tender and delicate texture. Sharing a slice of fresh halva with friends and family is the best way to end a delicious Mediterranean meal. Our plain flavor is the perfect blank canvas for your favorite dessert toppings, including bright pomegranate molasses, intense carob extract, or sweet mulberry syrup. There’s no wrong way to enjoy our premium sesame-based halva.

• A healthy and sophisticated Mediterranean treat to satisfy your sweet tooth without a sugar overload.

• Our authentic Turkish halva is a sesame-based treat beloved by all ages. It has a nutty, rich flavor and a soft, sliceable-texture perfect for sharing.

• Little Caria Halva is produced on our family-owned farm in Isparta, Turkey (known as the rose garden of the world), where the fertile valleys produce some of the highest-quality food in the Mediterranean.

4×2.5 oz (4x70g)  |  6.3 oz (180g)  |  15.2 oz (430g)

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